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by Kevin, AKA Thin Black Duke

In keeping with her man-hating, feminazi ways, Thinking Girl has graciously allowed me and all my manly dewdness to say a thing or two on her blog. Thank you, Thinking Girl, but I see through your little scheme here. You want to lure me into your patriarchy hating trap. You want to oppress me. And the menz! What about the menz?! Oh please! Stop oppressing us poor menz! We have it soooo bad! I mean, that one chick wouldn’t date me and I really was a Nice Guy™, but instead she dated that other guy, who is obviously an asshole because he’s not me, the real Nice Guy™. I’m NICE, damnit! And just to show you how nice I am, I’m going to treat you like an object to be possessed or won. I’m going to call you a beeyatch and a ho because you’re not attracted to me. Or better yet, maybe you’re one of those dreaded lesbians. It’s really all about us, the menz! The MENZ! DAMNIT! And if we don’t get everything we want then it’s just not fair! NOT FAIR!

Why can’t you understand that we’re really on your side?


A little over the top, yes, but seriously, that’s how some of you male commenters here sound, which is to say: like fools.

To be serious now, I truly am honored to be allowed to say a thing or two here at Thinking Girl’s blog. For my first post, I’d like to share 10 Things Men Can Do To End Men’s Violence Against Women

1. Acknowledge and understand how sexism, male dominance and male privilege lay the foundation for all forms of violence against women.

2. Examine and challenge our individual sexism and the role that we play in supporting men who are abusive.

3. Recognize and stop colluding with other men by getting out of our socially defined roles, and take a stance to end violence against women.

4. Remember that our silence is affirming. When we choose not to speak out against men’s violence, we are supporting it.

5. Educate and re-educate our sons and other young men about our responsibility in ending men’s violence against women.

6.”Break out of the man box”- Challenge traditional images of manhood that stop us from actively taking a stand to end violence against women.

7. Accept and own our responsibility that violence against women will not end until men become part of the solution to end it. We must take an active role in creating a cultural and social shift that no longer tolerates violence against women.

8. Stop supporting the notion that men’s violence against women can end by providing treatment for individual men. Mental illness, lack of anger management skills, chemical dependency, stress, etc… are only excuses for men’s behavior. Violence against women is rooted in the historic oppression of women and the outgrowth of the socialization of men.

9. Take responsibility for creating appropriate and effective ways to develop systems to educate and hold men accountable.

10. Create systems of accountability to women in your community. Violence against women will end only when we take direction from those who understand it most, women.

From A Call to Men

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A comment from vimi, whoever the fuck he is, on this post.


You are not oppressed. You don’t know what oppression is. You think that some lone deviant raping a woman is oppression? You think that some sleazy guy staring at you is oppression? You think some magazine that portrays an image of women you don’t like is oppression? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are full of shit.

Oppression is what happened to blacks during slavery. Oppression is what happened to Serbs under Turkish rule. Oppression is what the Jews lived under in eastern Europe even before the Holocaust. You are not oppressed.

Oh, there are places in the world where women, as a group, are truly oppressed. Look no further than the Muslim world for a real life example of women living under oppression. That, unlike your paranoid fantasies, is real oppression.

It’s easy for you living in the comfort of the modern Western world, where woman have enjoyed a level of equality with men unparalleled in history, to preach about oppression. It’s easy for you to hold forth like some kind of expert on a subject about which you know nothing and have no first hand experience. It’s easy for you to deny that woman are equal before the law in every Western nation and have been for decades. It’s easy for you to scream and bitch about even the most minor of problems you face and to blame the ‘patriarchy’ for them. It’s easy for you to do these things because you are not oppressed.

Since you are not oppressed, you cannot use that as an excuse to justify your antipathy toward men. Men have never done anything to you. Even if an individual man or individual men have done you wrong that is still not the fault of all men. There is no organized mens movement plotting to oppress you – thus any talk of men, as a group, wronging you is ludicrous. No, your hostility toward men cannot be based on what men, as a group, have done to you. It must instead be based in bias and, quite possibly, simple hate.

Why are you so hateful? I have an easy answer for that one. Here it is: I don’t care. That’s right, I don’t give a damn. You are the very type of bigoted, hateful monster you claim to despise. All men are guilty until they prove themselves innocent in your eyes? That’s hilarious. You’re not worth the effort. No one who thinks like you is. Your line of thinking is absolutely disgusting and makes you completely irrelevant as a human being. Why should anyone take someone who thinks in such a prejudicial and discriminatory way seriously? They shouldn’t. Instead, they should just ignore self-righteous, self-important fools such as yourself and move on.

I don’t care if you rot away in some dark, hateful corner of the Internet whilst venting your impotent rage toward everyone and everything born with a penis. I only hope that you share your malevolent philosophy honestly and up front with any men you take an interest in so that they have a fair chance to avoid you. It’s unfortunate that you are a heterosexual. I really don’t believe it’s possible for someone as hateful toward men as you to ever be in a loving relationship with a man.

There are some lesbian feminists who would be more than happy to help you ‘unlearn your heterosexualization’. I suggest you seek them out and take them up on their offer. You’ll be happier if you can just leave men out of your life completely – and so will the men whose lives you would have otherwise ruined with your presence.

Dear vimi,

how nice to know that the mass rape, objectification, and pornification of half the human population isn’t oppression. boy,  I’ve been seriously mistaken all these years! I guess all those instances of women being denied substantive equality is an individual thing, probably just something they are doing wrong all on their own. Thank you ever so much for clearing that up for me.

I also guess I should start seeing this work that I do, in speaking out against women’s human rights violations and offering a counterhegemonic critique of my culture, as easy. I’ve been taking the wrong attitude altogether! I’ve thought it was kind of hard, getting my message across to people who don’t think that feminism is useful. But I guess you’re right – speaking up about all this stuff is kind of easy, considering how widespread and commonplace it all is, and how women’s rights violations are so clearly unjust! Feminism is a piece of cake!

actually though, you’re right, it is a lot easier for me to speak out and actually be heard than it is for a lot of other women, because I’m white, and hetero, and able-bodied, and middle-class, and educated, and mentally stable, and unaddicted, and unaffiliated with religion, and I live in a wealthy western nation. doesn’t mean that I’m not oppressed as a woman, or that gender oppression doesn’t exist in the west. it sure as fuck isn’t fair that I have a better likelihood of getting heard. but that kind of means I should use my privileged position to advocate for those who can’t get heard so easily, don’t you think? try to work towards creating spaces so that they can speak and be heard, and get responses? that’s what I think too.

Thanks for pointing out that those psycho anti-choice activists, MRA groups, and PUAs are not collectively organizing to limit women’s opportunities and continue women’s oppression. Phew! What a relief!

It was also good of you to point out how I am so full of hate against men, that I am ridiculous and disgusting and irrelevant as a human being, that it’s impossible for me to have loving relationships with men, and that I’m really not worth the effort to… try to convince me that men are really all very good people? try to show me the error of my ways? something like that?

I guess I was worth the effort it took to write that comment… hmmm…. and I guess my corner of the internet isn’t so dark and remote after all, since you found me just fine…

You’re right, I probably should tell the guys I meet that I’m a feminist. That would really help me weed out the asshole misogynists like you.

but, it’s good to know I can always fall back on the lesbians out there to unlearn me my hetero ways. I didn’t realize that was the sole goal of lesbians, or that they were actively offering to do so! Cool! Must be my lucky day – lesbians rock! I love lesbians!

thanks again for such an informative and helpful comment. it’s great to know I can always count on the sexist motherfuckers to crawl out of the woodwork and point out the error of my ways.

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Okey-dokey, I got hit up twice today for the 8 things you don’t know about me meme, once by defenestrated and again by Kevin. it’s been a while since I’ve done a meme, and I don’t feel like doing any real blogging right now, so I’m happy for a light bit of fluffy memery. here’s the rules:

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Alrighty then. let’s begin. 8 random facts about yours truly.

  1. I, like Kevin, am also always late. I hate mornings desperately. The morning is when I get my best sleep, and my best dreams. I like being a night owl very much, it suits me just fine, but the rest of the world runs on 9-5 and that makes me very cranky in the mornings. I have, however, perfected the art of the nap. 🙂
  2. I do not like answering the phone. It’s my introverted nature, I guess. I also don’t like to make phone calls. I do like to return phone calls. 😛
  3. I am terrible at keeping in touch with friends who have moved away. Terrible. Luckily, whenever we see one another, it’s like no time has passed at all.
  4. In person, I am an extremely pleasant person, very outgoing and friendly, enthusiastic, engaging, always helpful and generous, funny, and fair-minded. It’s unusual for people not to like me. I’m generally quite likable.
  5. I don’t give a shit if people don’t like me.  Funny thing, considering the above.
  6. I am almost constantly achy. My job has wrecked my back, neck and shoulders, wrists, elbows, hands, and arms. My knees are kind of weak. And on top of that, I’m quite often sore from working out. I do a lot of yoga to try to keep on top of these things, but the basic fact for me is that something always hurts.
  7. My very favourite meal is chicken pot pie, and I make a really really good one. However, since I’m vegetarian, I haven’t had chicken pot pie in over a year, and I haven’t tried to make it with fake chicken strips or seitan or anything. I think I’ll try it out this weekend. Yum!
  8. I am a grand-orphan. No living grandparents. Didn’t really know them all that well to begin with. I also don’t have much in the way of extended family, and the ones I have I don’t know well, either. I’m an only child, and I’m nervous about my parents getting older and their health failing. It’s a lot of responsibility, and I wish I had someone to share it all with.

That’s all. Now I’m supposed to tag 8 people. This is the part of memery that I hate. I also hate copping out of it. My feed reader is really backed up, so forgive me if you’ve already donet his and I’ve missed it somehow. I tag: Roy, Tom, Simonne, Daniela, Ali, Marc Andre, Shannon, and….. Aulelia! (Basically, I picked all of you because you blog under a name that is a real name and not a screen name. ha!) Also, I’m breaking the rules and not posting a comment to let these folks know they’ve been tagged. Hopefully they’ll all figure it out soon enough. It’s my way of saying, Hey, no pressure. :O

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can the first draft of my thesis really be finished?

can I really sleep now? and eat? and exercise? do yoga? and see my friends? and watch TV? Six Feet Under? read a book? for fun? go to the movies? sleep?


thank fucking god.

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quick question

what are the words you most often misspell or typo?

I’ve been typing all dang day long, and I’ve noticed some patterns.

I almost always linger too long on the shift key on words beginning with HA. Also happens a lot with apostrophes – I make them into quotation marks, I”ve noticed.

I can’t for the life of me remember whether it’s “devestating” or “devastating” (it’s the second).  or whether it’s “tendency” or “tendancy” (it’s the first. See? English makes no sense!) It’s a devastating tendency!

I quite often leave the “t” in “the” and “this” and “these” at the end of the previous word. Liket his.

I’m sure I’ll think of more. What’re yours?

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well, today is Canada Day, a day to celebrate all things Canadian, fly our flag high and proud, and talk about all the things that are wonderful about our great country. I’ve done this kind of thing before, and I will admit that each year on Canada Day I’ve felt kind of happy and proud to be Canadian.

However, I can’t help but feel this year that, because I love my country, I should talk about what I consider to be the greatest and most serious blight on the face of our nation, and that is the ongoing brutal colonization of Canada’s indigenous peoples.  It’s something that I feel all non-indigenous Canadians should be extremely embarrassed by, and should be actively trying to correct. We have all benefitted from the brutalization, ghettoization, displacement, colonization, and genocide of First Nations people here in Canada, and we should be ashamed.

Indigneous peoples in Canada have had their land stolen, their communities displaced, and limitations put on their way of life as nomadic and communal people. They have had their children stole and put into residential schools where they were beaten for speaking to one another in their own languages, effectively losing indigenous languages for entire generations to come. Indigenous peoples are completely ghettoized and segregated onto reserves, where sometimes very basic municipal services such as clean water and sewage are denied, and every single infrastructural improvement done on a reserve has to be approved by some white male “Indian Affairs” bureaucrat in Ottawa – they can’t even change the fucking name of the department to reflect how indigenous peoples living in Canada self-identify and wish to be called. Poverty among First Nations peoples is epidemic, as is alcohol and drug abuse, incarceration, and lack of education. Native women are the most raped women in our country, and are abused and killed by their domestic partners at a much higher rate than any other racial group of women. Indigenous customs and traditions have been alternatively mocked and co-opted by mainstream Canadian culture. First Nations people who have stood up for their rights are commonly referred to as terrorists.

I’d say probably the majority of white Canadians think they should shut up and stop their whinging because they’ve been “given so much” by the Canadian government, and they should be “realistic” about property claims because it’s not like Canadians are going to cede their deeds at this point in the game ’cause by god we all work SO HARD for every little thing we get and why do those “indians” want to take that away from us when they’ve already been “given so much” – they’re just wasting all those golden opportunities to be under-educated by a system that teaches nothing but lies about indigenous peoples and to live tax-free in an uninsulated house with no running water and no central heating and no sewage on a scrap of land especially “reserved” for them.

To be fair, there are many bands that are well-off and many indigenous people who are well-educated. However, when are we going to acknowledge that these other situations exist? When are we going to do something to change the fact of rampant sexual and domestic violence against indigenous women? about levels of violence among indigenous men? about rampant poverty, alcoholism, and drug abuse? about devestating living conditions? When are we going to start respecting indigenous peoples instead of trying to figure out one more way to screw them over?

It breaks my heart to know that our indigenous populations are suffering in such terrible ways. And sadly, that makes me quite a bit less proud to call myself Canadian today.

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