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apparently, I don’t deal well with change. If anyone has any advice on how to calm my frayed nerves, deal with a million things to do and virtually no time to do them, and how to prevent a 2 tonne elephant from sitting on my chest each morning when I wake up, speak now! nothing I’m doing is helping, including getting 8 inches of my hair chopped off.  the remedy for stress of change is not more change. note to self.

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cat herder needs help!

so, as some of you may know, I am a cat mom. My baby-girl is very pretty and sometimes quite lovable, but she is extremely ill behaved. And I am thisclose to losing my patience, opening the door, and letting her go outside, forever.

My cat is not very nice in general, doesn’t like to be handled etc. But lately, she seems to be pissed off that her mom needs to work for a living, and has been taking it to the floor, so to speak. I don’t think she’s used her litterbox once this week, perhaps week and a half.

I can’t live like this. I have taken her to the vet for bloodwork and she is perfectly healthy, so there is no physical reason for my living room, bathroom, and entryway to have become a giant (well, not so giant, rather tiny, but you know what I mean) cat urinal/poop deck. I have changed her food to one for sensitive digestion, given her lots of attention, given her an homeopathic remedy for anxiety in her water, and keep her litterbox clean as a whistle. I do not punish her, unless I catch her in the act, and then only by spraying her with water – I don’t even yell at her.  She’s getting old, it’s true, but she’s perfectly healthy, so I really can’t justify putting her down for a problem like this one.

So, peeps, what can I do about this problem? I simply cannot live with it anymore. Please help!

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