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Literally, everyone should go and see this movie. right now.

Across the Universe is brilliant, gorgeous, and not quite like anything else I’ve seen.

Forget that it’s a musical. It’s a Beatles musical.

Go! what are you still doing here?

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okay, who’s ready to talk about it? I AM! I AM!

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wizard love

well, I went to see the new Harry Potter movie last night. I totally loved it, as usual, and of course thought it should have been much longer and that they left out all kinds of good stuff. It’s getting much darker, and more serious. I think the actors and directors and JK Rowling of course have done a great job with depicting how complex the characters have become. The relationships are very good, I think.

so, what’s this I hear about folks complaining that Hermione isn’t strong enough or feminist enough? people, come ON. She is the smartest of them all, and completely brave and unwavering in her loyalty to what she believes in. She is an excellent witch, and while it’s true she is the emotional centre of stability and quite often the caretaker, well, what isn’t feminist about THAT? I also want to point out that Ginny Weasley is one hell of a powerful young witch – perhaps the next powerful to Harry! so a lack of strong female characters is certainly not absent from the HP series.

The last book comes out this Saturday, which happens to be my birthday. It will be delivered to my door, and I will very happily be spending that weekend reading it as quickly as possible. I have a strong theory about what will happen. I am fairly certain that I know how things will end up. I can’t wait to see if I’m right. I kind of hate that I can’t help but to try to figure things out, that I can’t just sit and go with the flow and enjoy what the story brings. I do it with everything, pretty much. But, when I’m right, it’s so satisfying!

Until then I’ll be re-reading book 6, just to make sure I’m up to speed. It has been two years, after all.

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summer CD

You know how every year, there’s a summer CD? A CD that you play non-stop, and it kind of becomes the soundtrack for your life that summer? (Last year mine was Stadium Arcadium by RHCP, for example) Well, I found this summer’s summer CD. It’s the new Maroon 5.

It doesn’t hurt that Adam Levine is my music boyfriend. He’s ridiculously intense – kind of like my new movie boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. And, when I saw them live a couple years ago, he was totally singing to me. I swear!

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it’s been weighing on me for the past week. I’ve been over it and over it in my mind. I’m dreaming about it. I cannot stop thinking about the finale of LOST.

I’m sure not all of you have seen it, so I’m telling you right now: I need to discuss the season finale in a desperate way, so if you don’t want to know anything about it, STOP READING NOW. I”ll give you some scrolling space….

OK, so what the fuck? I mean, I know JJ Abrams likes a good shock, a mindblowing finale experience that rattles you hard (witness the season 2 finale of ALIAS). But OMG. WTF?!?!?

So, are they not going to be on the island next season? Has the whole show up until this point been a series of flashbacks? Was the final scene with Jack and Kate what is happening, what could happen, what might happen, what is definitely going to happen, or has it already happened? Who died? I have two theories: I think it’s either Ben or John Locke. Are we ever going to find out the secrets of the island – why the Others were there, what they were doing, who the fuck is Jacob, why the people who were sick have been cured, why all the pregnant women die, why Ben got that tumor? Who are the Dharma Initiative people? why were they there? How did Ben manage to get Locke’s father there? WHY THE HELL are all the people on that flight connected in some weird way????? Why didn’t they try to find and kill Rousseau? Why are the charactersnamed after philosophers? What about Penny, Desmond’s girlfriend? What was she doing, why did the signal from the underwater station go to her place? Was she looking for Des all that time? Why did Charlie lock himself in that room instead of going out the door and closing it from the other side???? Why did Naomi, the parachute girl, have a picture of Des and Penny, if that wasn’t Penny’s boat? Who was it that she was working with? What the fuck is that black smoky cloud that kills people???????? Why did they have polar bears on that island???? What’s the deal with that hot Other? Richard is it? how come the Others don’t seem to age any? Cuz when Ben was a boy, Richard looked exactly the same age as he does now…. And how come they allowed Ben to become their leader? They seemed like they were kind of organized before that…. What about Juliet? What were she and Jack up to, and what’s going on between them? If they all get rescued, then do the Others go to jail for what they did on that island? Where have Walt and Michael been for the whole season? How come Walt came back to see Locke at the end? Why did that Naomi person say that the plane had been found and that everyone was dead? WTF is going on?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Can someone please help me? I need someone to help me concoct a theory about all this. And I don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself until January 2008! I need some fucking answers, and I need them NOW!!!!!

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ok, so I know I haven’t been around a whole lot lately… sorry kids, I’ve been a busy bee. working full time is such a drag!

Anyway, I’ll be back soon with a good Feminism Friday post that’s been brewing in my mind for a little while, as well as a post about the recent murders here in Halifax. But in the meantime, please join me for some fun – this really made me smile!

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so, I went to see Georgia Rule the other night. I gotta tell you, it was not at all what I was expecting. From the previews, you kind of get the impression that it’s about this family of three kind of difficult women who have complex relationships with one another (this is true), and that in the end everyone might just get along after all (also true). However, it’s what came in the middle that really surprised me.

***********WARNING – SPOILERS FOLLOW*****************

this movie is heavy. it’s about incest. it’s about alcoholism. it’s about loss, and finding the best way you can to get through it. Lindsay Lohan’s character was raped by her step-father from the age of 12 to the age of 14. Her mother, Felicity Huffman, didn’t know. LL dealt with it by becoming rebellious, doing everything she could to get away from them, drive them away, piss them off. And it ended up screwing her up, as often that kind of behaviour does. LL tells someone, who tells Jane Fonda, her grandmother, who calls FH, who doesn’t believe it. There remains some tension in the movie as to whether LL is telling the truth about the abuse, tension that sticks around until she confronts the stepfather and they discuss what happened.

I thought the movie was realistic. For a while, I was pissed because I thought that it was going to turn out that LL had lied about the incest, but it didn’t turn out that way (thank god). But yes, it was realistic. From what I’ve read, there are a lot of women who believe their husbands over their children in cases of alleged incest. Incest is also a reason why children act out, so sometimes what can happen is that when a child tells a parent about incest or abuse, the parent thinks the child is lying because of prior acting out. It becomes a vicious cycle. The thing that stuck with me was when the stepfather said, “do you think I would lie about this?” – obvious to me, that of course he would. Of course he would deny it, of course he would lie about it, to cover his ass, to keep his happy little status quo.

From what I have read, false accusations of incestuous molestation and rape are extremely low. I cannot imagine the heartache it would cause to find out that your child had been molested or raped, but I simply cannot fathom choosing a person who had raped your own/their own child/grandchild/niece/nephew/sister/brother over that child. I am horrified by and yet strangely pity these people who defend incestuous molestors/rapists.

Is this too easy for me to say? What circumstances would warrant such a defense? I simply can’t think of any, other than psychological abuse or trauma. meaning, I can only understand defending an incestuous molestor/rapist if you weren’t in your right mind or if you were scared for your life and/or that of your child.

has anyone else seen this movie? any comments on this issue? I can’t think what else to say about it, but the movie certainly stirred up some discomfort and discussion in my mind.

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mmmm, Feist

This makes me a very, very happy girl.

Thanks Angel!

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Hi all –

well, finally finished that final paper. boy, it was really kicking my ass. I got two – count ’em, two – extensions on it. part of the problem was that I already felt like I was finished for the term, since this was my last assignment. anyway, I finally turned it in today, and I feel much better now.

However, I’m not really up to any heavy mental lifting right now. I know, I should be blogging about Don Imus, or the Duke lacrosse case, or about the ridiculousity of the Indian government asking women to detail their menstrual cycles.  But I just can’t right now.

I also realize it’s my first FF post for a few weeks now. which makes me feel guilty – although others have started participating, which totally rocks my world.(Check them out on the sidebar under FF Participants – great posts up this week at Rainbow Girl’s, Unapologetically Female, RiotGrrrl’s, and Canace.) I love it, and I hope others continue to participate. Maybe someone could design a sidebar button or something. That would be great. It can’t be me of course, but if someone else did it I would be totally supportive.

So, instead of the usual kinds of FF posts I write, I thought this week I would write a kind of fluffy post. I watch a lot of TV – when I can – and I have certain shows that I totally can’t miss for anything. Right now, those are Lost, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, and 24. I love them. So anyway, being the denizen of pop culture that I am, I thought I’d write about some of the strong women characters on TV, and ask you to share the women characters you find inspiring.

OK, so number one, although she’s not really a character, is Oprah. I can’t help it, no matter the criticism I hear about her, I still think Oprah’s great. She’s so generous – I wish I could be so giving in my own life.

onto the fictional characters…

Sydney Bristow of ALIAS (played by the lovely Jennifer Garner, who I love in everything she’s in) – kicks ass and looks awesome in every weird costume they put her in. I want her muscles!

Brenda Johnson of The Closer (played by Kyra Sedgwick) – she gets what she wants by being the perfect southern belle, which I think is actually rather subversive. Good manners never hurt anyone.

Karen Hayes of 24 (played by Jayne Atkinson) – she plays the National SecurityAdvisor to the president. One of the most powerful women in the fictional version of america, and  she actually has a conscience!

Catherine Willows of CSI (played by Marg Helgenberger) – yes, she’s got a troubled past, it’s true. Coke habit, exotic dancer, abusive ex. But, she pulled herself out of all that and made a life for herself and her daughter. She’s tough, and smart, and good at her job. (although I do admit I don’t watch the show anymore…)

Kate Austin of Lost (played by Evangeline Lilly) – she rolls with the guys, does everything they do, no matter how physical. She’s one tough woman!

Cristina Yang of Grey’s Anatomy (played by Sandra Oh) – tough, stubborn, smart, competitive, driven, dedicated. Yup. And she cracks me up.

Miranda Bailey of Grey’s Anatomy (played by Chandra Wilson) – “the nazi” is her nickname. Bailey’s a total control freak with her interns, pushes them to their limits and teaches them with tough love. But, the love is there – she’s like a mother hen to them too.

Addison Sheppard of Grey’s Anatomy (played by Kate Walsh) – she’s the only female doctor in the running for Chief of Surgery at the hospital. She’s smart and sexy and beautiful and caring and good at her job. I love that!

Neela Rasgotra of ER (played by Parminder Nagra) – she’s my favourite character on ER by far. She’s been a bit lost, trying to find her niche, and now that she’s in the surgery program, she’s kicking ass. She’s a good friend, smart and beautiful, and she was a good wife to her husband.

Kerry Weaver of ER (played by Laura Innes) – I always liked Kerry. She’s really smart, dedicated, hard-working, and she doesn’t back down. Also, I LOVE that she’s an out lesbian on the show, and that she and her partner had a little son together, and that when her partner died she fought and won custody against her partner’s homophobic parents.

Claire Bennett of Heroes (played by Hayden Panettiere) -SAVE THE CHEERLEADER, SAVE THE WORLD! Claire is the practically indestructable cheerleader, and she’s awesome. She’s smart and sensitive and super brave. and totally cute as a button!

Anita van Buren of Law and Order (played by the amazing S. Epatha Merkerson) – the “Lieu” is awesome. She’s good at her job, she’s been there a long time, she’s a strong black woman. I think she’s actually the longest-running black woman character on TV – meaning Merkerson is the longest-employed black woman actor in TV history. That’s pretty fucking cool.

Olivia Benson of Law and Order: SVU (played by Mariska Hargitay) – well, I don’t watch this one anymore either, but Olivia is one of the strongest female characters on TV, for sure. She’s a good cop, and she shows a lot of caring in her work. Strong doesn’t have to mean uncaring.

Ruth Fisher of Six Feet Under (played by the absolutely incredible Frances Conroy) – I can’t tell you how much the characters on this show affected me. I bawled like a child when the series ended, I was devastated. I so loved Ruth, because she was searching. She had spent her life making a family, and she had a hard time when it came time for her to make a life for herself. I think that is really real for a lot of women. I just loved that about her.

Samantha Jones of Sex and the City (played by the super-sexy Kim Cattrall) – I know, a bit controversial. I admit, Sam was over the top. But her approach to sexuality was definitely sex-positive feminist, I think.

Ok, that’s my list of women TV characters that I think rock it. Agree? Disagree? Which characters do you think are particularly strong?

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yep. So I’m sitting here watching the TV show “Identity,” in which a contestant has a group of people in front of him and a list of identities and he has to match ’em up based entirely on their appearance. I know, right? I mean, all the stuff we talk about here, about identity, not wanting to be boxed into socially constructed qualifiers on identity, and here is this whole TV show based on judging a book by its cover.


I mean, I AM NEVER WRONG!!!!

I feel guilty.

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