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Blog for Choice Day 2008

someone left a comment on my blog for Choice post from last year, and so I thought, perhaps I’ll write one for this year as well. since leaving blogging several months ago, life has been swell, and busy. I hope you are all quite well.

to my american friends: Happy Roe Day! 35 years since Roe was decided, and jsut look at how far you’ve come! White middle class to upper class women can still sometimes get abortions in some places in the US! AWESOME.

my message today is very simple: there are alternative funding groups out there who are able to help women who cannot afford to pay for abortion services.  Access to abortion is a huge problem for women, and I want to make sure people out there know that there are options available to help defray some of the costs of obtaining abortion services. they are mostly grassroots groups who are committed to reproductive rights for women, and they can help. perhaps you can’t afford to travel out of your town or city to get to an abortion provider, or to take the time off work, or to make sure your kids have a sitter while you go out of town for a couple of days to obtain the services you need. Abortions are expensive, but the cost of service is not the only cost associated with access to abortion. it’s important to know that there are some options out there.

please, go to this website: National Network of Abortion Funds. They have a list there of alternative funding for abortion, you can search by city so it’s really easy. There is help available.


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