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alright folks, I’ve got an announcement.

I’m not feelin’ it anymore. you know, it’s been a great two years (and a bit), being here with you all, discoursin’ and whatnot. It’s been a pleasure, really. I’ve learned so much – SO MUCH. Maybe even more than what I learned during my whole undergrad degree. Certainly what I have learned through engaging with you all has been personally extremely useful and satisfying.

But, I am not feelin’ it right now. I’m super-busy, and there’s the ramifications of moving and starting a new degree, leaving all my real life friends and family behind, while having to extend myself past my little world in my head in order to meet new people and build a new community here. I want to be successful at what I’m doing here, and I also need to take care of myself. And, unfortunately, I feel that right now, part of taking care of myself is not doing this anymore.

Maybe for now, maybe for a while, maybe forever. I may not be able to resist poking my head in and letting a post loose every now and then, but that will all take place on the schedule of TCB -Taking Care of Baby (which of course, is me). If it feels right and helpful for me to do so, instead of a chore, then I’ll do it. so keep your feed readers active.

So for now, imagine me doing yoga, sitting and drinking tea with a friend, swimming, cooking wonderful things to eat for myself and my peeps, reading non-school related books, and getting lots of rest and/or work done, INSTEAD of being here. I’ll continue to deal with comment moderation, but I may not respond in the same manner as I used to do, as per the new TCB schedule. So that being said, I’m going to leave it up to you, faithful readers, to help me out in answering comments that may arise. And of course, please, all of you fellow bloggers, continue to lambaste, rankle, subvert, protest, rise up against, resist, and whatever other adjectives come to mind,  the hegemonic forces going on all around us. Don’t worry, I’ll still be doing all that too. You just might hear about it in different ways.

Regulars, friends, please do email me. I’d love to hear from you on a personal basis. You’re no less dear to me because I’m backing out of blogging.

Peace, my sisters and my brothers. TG out.

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another installment…

… of My Daughter’s Vagina, part 3, now up at Alas.

Oh, and I cleared out my feed reader, and slashed my subscriptions down to a more manageable number, so hopefully now I can keep up.

Next on my reading list is Magniloquence’s Race Relations 101 series – haven’t gotten there yet, but I can’t wait. Magniloquence is a fierce writer!

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OK, so I’ve decided that I hate my feed reader. Why? Because I simply can’t keep up. I have too many feeds in there, and I jsut can’t keep up with all you people! And then, see, because I”m like some kind of frustrated perfectionist, if I can’t do it the way I want to do it, then I don’t do it at all. Kind of childish, maybe, but there it is. And so, I’ve decided that I’m not going to use my feed reader anymore, and instead I am going to do the old-fashioned, manual check of the blogs I like to read regularly.

And so, that’s what I’ve been doing. Little by little. I’m trying to catch up.

And, in doing that, I stumbled upon a series of posts by Richard over at Alas, called My Daughter’s Vagina. Intriguing title, yes? And so, I started reading. Richard is a beautiful writer, and I’m enjoying these essays very much. So I thought I’d share, in case y’all have been slackin’ lately too.

go read ’em:

My Daughter’s Vagina (part one)

My Daughter’s Vagina (part two) 

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Lefty Blog Awards

Just got wind of this new thing going on in the Canadian lefty blogging community: awards! for us! the Canadian lefty bloggers! So, head on over to Lefty Blog Awards and nominate your favourite Canadian lefty blog!

(Many thanks to Red Jenny, who nominated me. 🙂 )

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attention please

head on over and read my latest at Slant Truth. I’m calling for some strategizing on dealing with maintainers of the status quo.

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I’ve had a rather busy week, so haven’t caught up on comments and/or posting and/or my feed reader. But I did get this gem in my inbox today, so wanted to pass it along in case you all missed it. And, please do take note of the asswipe in the comment section who can’t help but pull out the big guns with a “what about the menz?” commentary. I’m so sick to death of feminist arguments being purposely misread and strawmanned. Complete asshattery.

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found a new site that I quite like: Objectify This, a site dedicated to calling out objectification of women in popular culture. Also, I wrote another post over at Slant Truth this week that I forgot to provide a link to here. Also, my friend Matthew, as well as Jill over at Feministe, weigh in on the season finale of LOST.

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So, I got an email a little while ago from Kevin at Slant Truth, asking if I’d like to do some guest blogging at his place. I happily agreed. Here is my first post there, in response to the blogular disaster the past couple weeks about Jessica Valenti‘s book, Full Frontal Feminism.

For the sake of my own sanity and time constraints, I will only post a link on this blog to posts I’ve written for ST. Any and all discussion should take place there, not here.

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Kevin of Slant Truth is looking for his brother, Michael Patrick Vaughn. He has been missing for some time and things are looking pretty desperate. Here’s what he posted on Sunday:

My brother has been missing for some time now. Seriously. My moms has even hired private investigators to find him and he is nowhere to be found. I fear the worst now. Yes, I fear that he is dead.

He rolled with the rough ones. I tried to get him out, but…

The only reason that I can say this online now is because I’m hoping that someone, somewhere might know where he is right now. His name: MIchael Patrick Vaughn. I think that he’s somewhere on the West Coast—maybe around Cali. I can give more information about hiim if needed (including pictures). Please email me here if you know of anything about him or have the slightest clue.

If any of you have any inklings about the whereabouts of Michael Patrick Vaughn, get in touch with Kevin. If you want, you can certainly email me and I will pass along any information to Kevin.

Kevin, be strong – our thoughts are with you and your family.

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